Problem iPhone 11 Touch Screen, Apple Gives Free Repair – iPhone 11 Reportedly having problems such as responding to touch, if this happens this can be reported to the party Apple and get free repairs.

Apple itself has now launched a replacement program for the iPhone 11 screen which has problems not responding to touch.

Reporting from the page The Verge, this issue arises due to a problem with a changed display module so that a small portion of the iPhone 11 is affected.

The devices affected by this issue are mostly iPhones manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020.

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iPhone 11 Pro. (Apple)

If you are one of the iPhone 11 users with this problem, immediately repair it because Apple will not charge anything or it’s free.

To find out if your iPhone 11 is in Apple’s free repair program, you can check the serial number on the Apple website.

If your iPhone 11 device qualifies for replacement, you can find one of Apple’s authorized service providers.

You will later make an appointment at an Apple retail store or contact Apple support to arrange delivery.

In addition, Apple also said that the problematic iPhone is protected for two years from the time you bought it, if you find the problem again you can still get the free fix.

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