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NBA 2022-23 preview of the Brooklyn Nets. Data, results from the previous season, a look at their roster and their future free agents, the goals of the course, the player to watch and a forecast on the franchise.

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  • Movements in the market: Kyrie Irving exercises her player option; the transfer of Royce O’Neale; the renewals of Patty Mills and Nicolas Claxton; the signings of TJ Warren, Edmond Summer and Markieff Morris.
  • Backcourt: Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Joe Harris, Patty Mills, Royce O’Neale, Edmond Summer, Cam Thomas, TJ Warren.
  • Attack court: Kevin Durant, Nicolas Claxton, Markieff Morris, Ben Simmons, Day’Ron Sharpe.

So they face the season

It was not an easy summer for the Brooklyn Nets management, who saw their two main stars were more on the outside than on the team. First came the troubles with Kyrie Irving and an alleged renewal that never came. And it is that the rebel base had, let’s say, a somewhat complicated path due to his refusal to be vaccinated, which made him play barely 29 official matches.

And certainly, given this scenario, which manager would dare to offer him an extension for the maximum salary? Of course, they didn’t even consider it in Brooklyn. And it looks fine to me. It would be even more mortgage your sporting future for a player who at any time can ask you for a transfer or volatilize your dressing room (in Boston they know what I’m talking about).

And of course, the mess with Irving sparked Kevin Durant’s discontent as well. The two-time MVP of the Finals, and also the bosses of Sean Marks and Steve Nash respectively, due to this alleged discomfort, also claimed his departure. But owner Joe Tsai was tasked with ratifying the future of both, and in the shadows Marks tried, unsuccessfully, to leave. Rudy Gobert’s previous move to Minnesota ended up blowing up the market. Then the Nets wondered, “If they gave all this for this guy, how much are they offering me for KD?” Impossible to know for one of the most decisive players in the league.

Obviously, the team that played the most was the Boston Celtics with an alleged offer for Jaylen Brown and Derrick White plus future rounds of the Draft. But the operation fell apart when New Yorkers asked for Marcus Smart. Brad Stevens flatly refused. For asking not to miss it, but I decide if I accept or not. And this case was a resounding “no” from the manager.

With the end of Durant’s chapter and Irving’s one-year deal on his player option, the Nets were able to move to the next level and focus on signing up and / or signing renewal. First, there was the transfer of Royce O’Neal from Salt Lake City, a good complement that comes to contribute from the first minute, and above all the defensive work.

This was followed by the relevant extensions from two fairly prominent players like Patty Mills and Nicolas Claxton. The center, involved in the release rumors, will finally remain in the New York franchise as a theoretical starting center.

Finally, there are the signings, smaller in terms of name, but which can do just as well as TJ Warren, injured at least until November, and twin Markieff Morris, partially guaranteed. Warren is a skilled scorer who was unable to continue due to injuries. And pretty much the same thing happens with Morris, since he barely played a few minutes after the incident with Nikola Jokic. Both are risky bets, but I insist that the game can be very good for them.

Punto already starts for two players who will be vital, and that Steve Nash recovers for his rotation / starting lineup as Ben Simmons and Joe Harris. The Australian has not yet been able to make his debut due to back problems, but his return will be decisive for future aspirations. Recall that last year they were overwhelmed in the first round by the Celtics (4-0), but with their return the Nets are able to aspire to anything.

Here the work of Steve Nash will depend a lot, and how to integrate it to maximize his strengths, which are not few. Simmons is not the best scorer of all time, but he can contribute in many other facets, such as running in transition, rebounding, organizing the game and most importantly, defense. We insist that his adaptation will be key, and if the trio of KD, Irving and the aforementioned Simmons fit in, be careful with these Nets.

Together with the Australian I have not forgotten Harris, who arrives at the retirement completely healed after playing only 14 official matches due to a left ankle injury. The striker, starter or not, is a guaranteed scorer, and if released, as he will be, he’s a foolproof machine gun from the outside, as evidenced by his 44% three-point shots in his six seasons in Brooklyn.

And since we are here to have fun, and to be positive and never negative (damn Van Gaal), the Nets, hopefully with their two main references, are called to become the favorites for the Eastern Conference win, and why not , even the NBA. Órdago for the project commanded by Sean Marks which, either can go very well, or as we said, very badly if KD and Irving get ruined again. That it wouldn’t be unreasonable to even see his first words on Media Day.

the player to watch

Enough has been said about Durant and Irving and I think the player to watch is Ben Simmons. The Aussie has been practically a white year after being separated from the Sixers and subsequent back problems, real or not. Something tells me that in Brooklyn they were waiting for him at the end of the season, or at least for the playoffs, but I’m one of those who believe that he was finally canceled before the brown that was coming on him.

With all summer ahead to work and / or prepare, there are no more valid excuses. He has to dress short, train, meet his teammates and perform, as he showed in Philadelphia. Simmons is an all-rounder who can fill all five positions. If the Nets already have the points in Durant, Irving, Harris, Warren or Mills, they don’t really need Simmons and Simmons shouldn’t obsess over that either because it will be his game. His job will be to organize the team, race on the track, find released teammates, bounce, assist and most importantly take care of the rival star. For this they moved it (among other reasons). And that’s why they believe he can be successful in Brooklyn. And I firmly believe that if his head allows it, Simmons is a real diamond in the rough yet to be polished. But I insist. Nash and his coaching staff have work ahead of them to maximize their strengths.

NBA preview 2022-23 Brooklyn Nets, the prediction

Elio Martínez, director of nbamaniacs, leaves a personal and subjective forecast of what he thinks each franchise will do during the season in the previous NBA 2022-23.

After last year’s barefoot dog, anyone risks putting these people in the top positions. But how not to do it? The amount of talent in his three best players is enormous and if Nash manages to put together a team that knows how to close games and take advantage of the advantages presented by the various players in his squad, we are faced with a very clear title candidate. However, amidst possible injuries and chemistry problems, I dare not leave them above 51 wins and with the seventh best record in the NBA, tied with two other teams.

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