Printing, Printing Accidents | Police release names of perished after drowning accident in Tønsberg

South East police district confirms on Monday that it was Reidar Lindqvist (40) who died in a drowning accident at a pier in Nesallen in Tønsberg on Friday.

The 40-year-old lived in the municipality of Færder, but originally from Råel in Tønsberg informs Tønsbergs Blad (TB).

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– Lindqvist fell from a boat at the dock and probably hit his head before he hit the water. He was found by divers from the fire department. Police will continue the investigation to try to determine the cause of death, the press release states.

The relatives are made aware that the name is published.

Lindqvist was a well-known name in the football community in Tønsberg as an active player and stands among other things with ten games for Eik-Tønsberg in the 1st division of the 1999 season. He also worked during his time as sports manager at Tønsbergs Blad until 2014.

He has since worked as a teacher and journalist, among others TB and the Østlands-Posten in Larvik.

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