Princess Rizieq Shihab’s wedding was facilitated by 20,000 masks, this said the spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force

JAKARTA, – Spokesman Task Force Handling Covid-19 Wiku Adisasmito gave an explanation of the steps for the Task Force to send masks and assistance hand sanitizer to a wedding ceremony for the daughter of the FPI leader Rizieq Shihab.

Wiku said that assistance was needed to ensure that the health protocol for preventing Covid-19 was implemented properly. This is because the Task Force is responsible for public health.

“We have to protect people’s health and safety,” Wiku told, Saturday (11/14/2020).

When asked why the event that had the potential to create crowds was not banned, Wiku did not give clear reasons. He only said that it was the authority of the Regional Task Force.

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“The authority to control Covid-19 in the regions is given to the regional Covid-19 Task Force,” he said.

The Covid-19 Handling Task Force previously donated masks and hand sanitizer for the wedding ceremony of Rizieq Shihab’s daughter, Sharifa Najwa Shihab.

The aid was delivered to Rizieq’s residence which is also the location of the wedding, on Jalan Petamburan III, Jakarta, Saturday (11/14/2020) afternoon.

The 20,000 masks that were distributed consisted of medical masks and cloths.

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Director of Logistics and Equipment Management of BNPB Rustian said the mask assistance was an effort by the Covid-19 Handling Task Force to ensure that health protocols were implemented properly during the event.

“So the health protocol first uses masks, we bring masks and they must be worn according to the correct use of masks,” Rustian told reporters in Petamburan.

Meanwhile, Rizieq’s daughter’s wedding ceremony will begin at 19.30 WIB. After that, the event was continued with the commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The committee estimates that 10,000 people will attend.

Covid-19 task force had come to the location of the wedding to deliver aid in the form of masks and hand sanitizer. The assistance is to ensure that the Covid-19 preventive health protocol is implemented properly.


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