Princess Madeleine: only one appearance for the royal family in 2020

Princess Madeleine
In 2020 she represented the royal family only once

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A look at the calendar of the Swedish royals causes criticism of Princess Madeleine.

The corona pandemic is forcing members of the Swedish royal family to cut back on their day-to-day work. Still, King Carl Gustaf, 74, and his family strive to be as present as possible during the crisis. Princess Sofia, 36, even received training to become a carer. The people recognize that – and sometimes even worry whether the royals are taking too much. This is especially true for the king and queen (both are in the risk group due to their age) and Prince Daniel (46, had a kidney transplant in 2009). One member, however, is disappointed: Princess Madeleine, 38.

Should Princess Madeleine have been more involved?

In the calendar of the Swedish royal family, there is only one official date listed for 2020 that Madeleine has taken: participation in the digital award ceremony of a prize organized by the “World Childhood Foundation” on December 21st. To put the number in relation: Princess Victoria, 43, attended 115 appointments. Whether Madeleine worked behind the scenes for the royal family is not noted in the calendar. What we do know is that she was interviewed for the documentary “The Year with the Royal Family”.

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Royal commentator is critical

llen Myrgård, nobility expert at the women’s magazine “Svensk Damtidning”, is critical of Princess Madeleine’s work. “I was really shocked when I saw the list of Madeleine’s work days in public – I actually thought it was a little more!”

But isn’t that a little unfair? After all, Princess Madeleine is currently only in seventh position in the line of succession and lives in Florida. Visits to Sweden were not possible for her.

Corona and Florida are no excuses

llen Myrgård does not want to allow extenuating circumstances with Princess Madeleine. “Many were hoping to see a bit more pictures of the princess when the royal family started making their video calls and posting them on the court’s website,” she says. In her opinion, Princess Madeleine could have provided a little more (digital) support for the Swedes.

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