Princess Erika: the “joy” of a mother shared with many others!

Princess Erika has her heart in joy. The singer and actress congratulated Oudima, her youngest son, who passed a particularly important test for his school career.

This Tuesday July 6 was an important day for many students in the final year. After several months of hard work, essentially upset by the health crisis, they finally learned about the baccalaureate results. What to put the parents in joy for those who managed to get the famous sesame. This is the case of the singer and actress Princess Erika, who let her happiness explode on Twitter. Oudima had his baccalaureate with the mention good enough! Joy!“, she wrote. A news that allowed him to receive many congratulations from Internet users.

“Bravo. I told you Princess that your son will have a bachelor’s degree”, “Congratulations to him!”, “Bravo! What pride for him, for you, for the family! Kisses”, can we read among the many reactions in comments. According to the Ministry ofNational Education, the success rate for the 2021 baccalaureate is 90.5% in France, before catching up. Something to reassure Vittoria of Savoy, who, worried, had not hesitated to challenge Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Vittoria de Savoie sends a letter to Jean-Michel Blanquer

Vittoria of Savoy addressed a long haul to Jean-Michel Blanquer last March. Known for her outspokenness, the daughter of Prince Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy and Clotilde Courau did not hesitate to express her concerns to the Minister of National Education and Youth. “In January, you granted the transition from the Baccalaureate 2,021 to continuous assessment for all public and private establishments under contracts. We expected, just like last year, to be able to benefit from the same treatment (…) We had to wait for the official bulletin of February 25, 2021 to discover with amazement that we could not benefit from the same device than other high school graduates “, she wrote, before adding: “We are weakened and dejected in the face of so much injustice and we cannot bring ourselves to pass the fourteen tests of our baccalaureate in terminal control “.

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