Princess Diana, 29, is going to marry 60-year-old millionaire

The 29-year-old beauty accepted the offer of a millionaire who is five years older than her father.

Princess Diana's niece will marry 60-year-old oligarch
Kitty Spencer. PHOTO:

Kitty Spencer is the eldest daughter of Princess Diana’s Charles Spencer sibling and model Victoria Lockwood. It is known that a 29-year-old girl studied English literature, psychology and politics at the University of Cape Town, and then studied at the London Business School, where she received a master’s degree in luxury brand management.

According to reporters, Kitty Spencer has been in a romantic relationship for a year and a half with the 60-year-old millionaire Michael Lewis, who owns a chain of British Whistles stores.

Edition Daily mail reports that Lady Dee’s niece received a marriage proposal from her man on Christmas Eve. The happy girl immediately shared the news with members of her family who love Michael, despite the impressive age difference. Kitty’s groom is 5 years older than her father and 32 years older than herself.

Many fans wish Kitty happiness and remind that they adore her for her striking outrageous style of clothing and express the hope that the girl will not change when she gets married. It is reported that for Kitty Spencer this will be the first marriage, and her chosen businessman has already been married and has three children. By the way, the millionaire professes Judaism.


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