Princess Delphine in Australian magazine: “Albert explodes …

The princess at the unveiling of a work of art of hers in Sint-Niklaas.

Foto: Photo News

Delphine van Saxe-Coburg has made some strong statements in an Australian current affairs magazine after the recent developments in the Belgian Royal Family. “Albert exploded: ‘Never call me again, you are not my daughter!” She testified.

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Recently we can call Delphine Boël princess and she was also given the surname of Saxe-Coburg. Last Friday, there was the meeting with her half-brother, King Philippe, and shortly afterwards the positive reaction of King Albert. But in the meantime, the Australian ’60 minutes’ had already had a long interview with the princess. And she was very straightforward about the years of arguments and lawsuits that had gone on.

The pill

She talks about the many reproaches she received for years. “Couldn’t your mother have taken the pill? in You’re a bastard, I was often told. I would also cause problems for the country and it actually took a long time before I realized and could say that I did not want this treatment. I would have died slowly inside if that lasted. ” According to Princess Delphine, her mother and King Albert were a wonderful and very normal couple. “It was actually a fantastic love story: Albert was the man of her life. Moreover, I had a lot of contact with him: sometimes he called my mother for hours, we also went on holiday together. He played a big part in my life. ”

No big effort

When the bomb burst in 1999 and the country discovered the secret, everything changed. Albert burst out on the phone: You’re not my daughter, don’t ever call me again he cried. ” That was the last thing Delphine heard from her father. “I called him, I wrote, but nowhere did I get an answer. I also tried through people who knew him, but that didn’t work either. ” This was followed by the long legal agony: “It was very nasty that he refused a DNA test. Just give your DNA, that’s no big deal, is it? I felt so betrayed: I had protected him all these years, I loved him. ” In the meantime, the princess was proved right by the judge. “It gave me so much hope. I will not get my father’s love. Maybe not my brothers and sisters either. But I feel accepted and I relive. ”

Photo: Royal Palace, Belgium


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