Princess Alexia has everything to become a style icon NOW

“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” Princess Alexia, who celebrates her fifteenth birthday on Friday, wrote this text on her now inactive Instagram account. Her sister Amalia (16) was taken by the British on Thursday Vogue voted one of the most stylish princesses in the world. Are Amalia and Alexia emerging style icons?

“The nice thing about Amalia’s style is that she surprises us every time,” says Josine Droogendijk from the website Fashion queen Máxima to

“We have seen Máxima many times and that is why we know her style. We know less about Amalia and she is of course still looking for what suits her, so she varies a lot.”

It is clear, however, that the heir apparent is dressed differently in private than on public occasions. “At home she wears trendy sneakers, nice jeans, sweaters with a hood,” says Droogendijk. “When she goes out as a princess, she is seen in chic clothes with bags and heels.”

The style of Amalia can therefore not really be sought in a specific direction, but what is striking, according to the fashion expert, is that the crown princess always has a bag with him. “She also wore one of the photos taken at home at Huis ten Bosch. And I like that you can see in her style that Amalia is socially involved. Last King’s Day she wore earrings made by victims of domestic violence. That fits very well with who she is. “

Last King’s Day, Amalia wore a yellow dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez and earrings from the Amsterdam label SeeMe, which is committed to victims of domestic violence. (photo: BrunoPress)

“Don’t think she’ll be a fashion princess”

Droogendijk also liked the rest of that outfit. “It made me happy: a bright yellow dress with a beautiful fabric and the model flatted her. She also combined it nicely with the earrings and the bag. I think that based on this she was also used by the British Vogue has been chosen as a style icon. “

Her younger sister Alexia is also under the spell of clothes, says royalty expert Rick Evers. “Alexia is really a girl of this time who likes to look beautiful and to dress up. In photos posted on Instagram and TikTok you can see that she is doing a lot of that.”

Droogendijk found Alexia very nicely dressed in the last family photo taken by the royal family. “She was wearing a light blue dress. A real princess dress with pizazz that matches her age.”

Alexia in a blue dress from Sandro Paris, during the summer photo shoot in 2019 at Huis ten Bosch. (photo: BrunoPress)

“They are not pampered”

Where mother Máxima dresses in expensive clothes from designers such as Valentino and Celine, Amalia, Alexia and Ariane (13) can be seen in cheaper brands. “Of course they don’t want to be different from their classmates, it’s no fun to empty Valentino’s shelves while your friends are watching,” says Evers. According to Evers, Alexia and Amalia shop with friends and sometimes with their mother, the nanny or their personal assistant Evelien.

“They have a different budget than the average teenager, but are not pampered by their parents,” adds Droogendijk. “We see them mainly in clothing from Zara and H&M, they are actually much more normal than many people think.”

The sisters also exchange clothes and Máxima hands over pieces to her daughters. “Alexia, for example, wore the denim jacket her mother wore during Queen’s Day 2004 during King’s Day 2018 in Groningen,” says Evers.

“I think few teenagers are eager to put on their mother’s clothes, but Máxima’s wardrobe has plenty of fun.”

Alexia and Máxima in the same denim jacket. Left King’s Day 2018, right Queen’s Day 2004. (photo: BrunoPress)

“One wrong outfit can do things for image”

Undoubtedly, the sisters have a huge clothing collection to choose from, so you might expect the royal family to have a whole team of stylists ready to wrap them in the most beautiful combinations. According to Evers, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Basically they do everything themselves. They do get help from a maid, a kind of footman who takes care of the clothing and prepares it, steams and irones it. I am sure that Máxima, the nanny and the personal assistant are watching the combinations that are selected and no doubt their sisters and girlfriends are also counselors. “

Their parents are not strict about what their three daughters wear, according to Droogendijk. “I don’t feel that they are subjected to a whole bunch of do’s-and-don’ts, they can have their own vision. These subjects will undoubtedly be discussed on public occasions, because one wrong outfit can do things for their image . “

But it can also have the opposite effect. Clothing or accessories worn by, for example, Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton often go over the counter like hot cakes.

In the Netherlands, we are much more down-to-earth in this, but that is slowly changing, according to Droogendijk. “The sunglasses that Amalia wore in Lech from Privé Revaux sold out shortly afterwards, that says something.”

The sunglasses that Amalia wore in Lech (2020) sold out in no time. (photo: BrunoPress)

“You see Alexia has her mother’s genes”

Will the princesses become a style icon like their mother? Droogendijk: “I don’t think Amalia is going to be a fashion princess, but you can see that she likes to work on it.”

According to both experts, Alexia has a better chance. “She has everything for that”, thinks Evers. “I’ve heard that Alexia really enjoys it when a photo leaks out and gets thousands of likes.”

“She likes hip clothes and you can see that she has the genes of her mother,” says Droogendijk about the middle princess. “It will not surprise me if she dominates the fashion magazines in about five years.”

In the coming years, the princesses will probably develop their own style more emphatically. “I look forward to them when they turn eighteen and they will go public more often,” said Droogendijk. “We haven’t seen them with a hat, for example. It would be nice to see their way to adulthood reflected in their style.”


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