Prince William: does he represent the Queen during the crisis?

Because Queen Elizabeth II and other elderly members of the royal family are in isolation, Prince William is under discussion as interim king.

Because many family members of the British monarchy are currently in isolation and quarantine due to their age as precautionary measures against the corona virus, they cannot attend public appearances. This is especially true for Queen Elizabeth II. (94), who was announced on Monday that she will remain in isolation indefinitely. She left Buckingham Palace in March and has since resided at Windsor Castle, where she will remain until further notice.

Prince William is under discussion as a deputy

Because Prince Charles (71), who was already ill with Covid-19 and has since recovered, is still in isolation with his wife Duchess Camilla (72) on the Scottish Balmoral estate, Prince William (37) now comes as Interim king in the discussion.

“Completely reasonable”

In the current succession to the throne, Prince Charles takes first place, Prince William follows in second place to the throne. Already at the end of March, Royal expert Nigel Cawthorne (69) spoke in the British “Mail Online” and said: “It is perfectly reasonable that Prince William acts as governor of the Queen.”

In the palace in the video below, Prince William and Duchess Kate will live one day when the Queen dies.

They will live in this palace when the Queen dies

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The Queen’s absence is the longest abstinence from her 68-year reign. She can be apologized for all planned events; she only communicates with the outside world via video and telephone. According to the British “Express”, her Easter speech had been watched by 24 million people, and her speech on the day of the liberation also found many viewers.

The paper quotes an anonymous source who wants to know: “The Queen will not do anything that violates the recommendations for people of her age category.” Because of this, the expert assumes that “we will not see the Queen for a while.” Neither Prince William nor any other royal representative has commented on the conjecture so far.

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In the video: A look into the royal home office – but wait a minute, we know Kate’s look!

A look into the royal home office - but wait a minute, we know Kate's look!
A look into the royal home office - but wait a minute, we know Kate's look!

© Chris Jackson / Getty Images, Instagram / kensingtonroyal;


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