Prince Harry’s Visa Controversy: Conservative Association Calls for Investigation into Drug Use and Entry into the US


In Washington, visa and drugs on the menu of Prince Harry’s other trial

A conservative association is calling for justice to find out why the Duke of Sussex was able to set foot in the USA, when he admitted to having consumed cocaine and psychotropic drugs.


The conservative association relies in particular on the memoirs of Prince Harry, published in January.

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American justice examined Tuesday the appeal of a conservative association which wants to know more about the visa granted to Prince Harry although he admitted to having consumed drugs in the United States.

“Ineligible for entry” into the USA

Far from the London court where the Duke of Sussex has just given evidence against the “hostility” of the press towards him, a federal judge in Washington devoted a hearing to a petition filed by the Heritage Foundation, precisely in the name of “the interest of the media”. This claims, under the laws on freedom of information, the immigration file of the prince who, scrambled with the British royal family, settled in California with his American wife Meghan Markle.

The youngest son of King Charles III “has publicly admitted (…) a number of drug offenses in the United States and abroad”, she notes in her appeal. However, she adds, “US law normally renders such persons ineligible for entry” into the country. The case concerns Prince Harry “but mainly concerns the Department of Homeland Security and its respect for the law”, pleaded his lawyer Samuel Dewey before Judge Carl Nichols. It is a subject that “arouses very broad media interest”, he added.

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The request does not violate the private life of the prince since “he has spoken and written a lot” about his drug use, said Me Dewey at the end of the court. In his memoirs, published in January, the prince admitted to having used cannabis, psychotropic drugs and cocaine, in the United Kingdom, Lesotho and on American soil.

“I took it for fun for several years”

In 2002, “in someone’s country house, during a hunting weekend, I was offered a line, I have taken a few others since”, he wrote in particular in “Le Suppléant “, where he also recounts having “swallowed” hallucinogenic mushrooms at a party in Los Angeles in 2016. “Psychedelic drugs also did me a little good. I took it for fun for several years (…) then for therapeutic, medical purposes”, he adds, presenting himself as a young “unhappy” ready to try everything to “change the status quo” .

However, the “Heritage Foundation” notes that other personalities, including footballer Maradona or singer Amy Winehouse, have been refused entry to American soil because of their drug use. In particular, she wants to have access to the questionnaire to be completed to enter the United States, where each candidate must say if he has ever used drugs. While acknowledging that these documents “may be of some interest to the public”, the government considered that the American mainstream media had not looked into the legal status of the prince and that there was no urgency to act. .

After highly technical debates, Judge Carl Nichols asked the administration to see if the headquarters could make a decision or expedite the processing of the request by next Tuesday. Otherwise, “I will make a decision”, he said, while emphasizing that it would not relate at this stage to the merits of the file, but to the need to speed up the examination of the request. of documents.

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