Prince Harry’s Style Transformation Since Living in the United States Will Astonish You

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Carlos III will be crowned on May 6 at Westminster Abbey along with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles. It is still unknown if his youngest son, the Prince Harry together with his wife Meghan Markle. It is worth remembering that the Duke of Sussex published an autobiographical book in which he recounted various intimacies of his life as British royalty. He also together with his wife broadcast a documentary on Netflix. This motivated some misgivings on the part of many members of the British monarchy.

As reported by the Daily Mail newspaper, the youngest son of King Carlos III was told about having a privileged position with “the best seats” at the coronation ceremony. We will have to wait if the Dukes of Sussex attend and what their clothing will be like. In this sense, it is worth noting that Harry He has changed his style a lot since residing in California.

Prince Harry has a more casual style. Source: Instagram @princeharryofengland

Currently, the Prince Harry He wears a more relaxed style for his day-to-day life and also for some special events. Some have criticized this change because he no longer possesses the elegance of a member of the Royal Family or any Briton for that matter. The place where he lives, California, is quite warm with a nearby beach and lots of sun, contrary to the cold London where he was born.

When the husband of Meghan Markle he attended informal events he was seen with the same style. She was wearing perfectly smooth, neat and new-looking polo shirts, straight-leg pants and shoes. Currently, he has been seen with slightly baggy shirts, tennis shoes and more casual pants.

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This is how Harry enjoys his life in California. Source: Instagram @princeharryofengland

He Prince Harry when attending some official act of royalty in London, he did so with a shirt, pants, shoes and tie. However, he has already set aside, at least the ties. He sports a more relaxed style. Just shirts and sometimes a blazer on top.

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