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Posted January 10thprince henry“Spare” autobiography. Before the release, the contents are becoming clear one after another, but there were rumors of the brother’s voice of discord.prince Williamteeth,Princess CatherineIt turns out that she wrote that she left him forever when he got married.

In 2011, Prince William married Kate Middleton, his high school sweetheart, at Westminster Abbey in London. Their wedding was televised and garnered worldwide attention, with Prince Harry serving as best man and overseeing his brother’s departure from the closest vantage point.

“My brother who came with me to Westminster Abbey that morning is gone forever. Can you deny it? It was never Willie again. Since then, Africa, Lesotho. cottages that smell of horses. Who separated us? Life made it that way.

“I remember Willie escorting Kate out of Westminster Abbey[dopo aver preso i voti nuziali]from behind. I thought it was our goodbye.”

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Prince Harry also described Prince William as “a lovable brother and nemesis”. “There’s always been this weird rivalry between us,” he said on Good Morning America. “I think it was because there was a sense of ‘the heir to the throne and the replacement’.”

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