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“Prince Harry Manipulated by Meghan Markle? Former Royal Butler Speaks Out”

Since the Prince Harry y Meghan Markle they married in 2018, they have been the protagonists of many problems against the royal family, causing discord in it before making the decision to leave the royal house and move to USA to start a new life.

Currently, there is talk that Prince Harry has opened his eyes, and is realizing how bad his relationship with his wife Meghan has been. According to Paul Burrellformer butler of the royal household for more than 10 years, stated that the Prince Harry is being manipulated by Meghan and although the duke knows it, he does not want to take action against this so as not to distance himself from his children, regardless of whether the relationship with the former actress is over, as explained by the source.

Burrel stated that from the time of the wedding of the dukes of sussex He already knew that Meghan was the one in control of the relationship, and that it was she who convinced the prince to move to the United States, regardless of the problems she had with members of the royal family.

The former butler claims to know the prince very well since he looks a bit like his mother the Princess Dianaby the fact that Harry he knows the damage that is being done, but he prefers to be a simple observer, he only wants to see his two children grow up close and not have a broken family, for this reason he lets Meghan Markle is the one with the most control over him and what they do in his family.

Much is being said about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the moment, since they have been the center of attention of the world media due to different events that have happened to them, but these statements could be further proof that the relationship between this couple could be ending and that the decision would remain in the hands of the youngest son of the King Charles III.

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