Prince Harry has admitted an intimate problem. Lady Diana’s medicine helped him

He can’t just attack relatives, Prince Harry revealed a lot of spicy things about himself. He admitted an intimate problem he had been struggling with for weeks. When he began to come to terms with the fact that he would suffer forever, his tragically late mother Princess Diana’s favorite cream saved him.

In the scandalous book Nahradník, the Duke of Sussex did not forget an unpleasant experience from March 2011. That was when he returned from a charity trip to the North Pole, where he froze to the bone and the extreme temperatures took their toll on his penis. He was still recovering from frostbite at the wedding of William and Kate, which took place a month later.

For the portal AND! News added details. “My penis was somewhere between extremely sensitive and borderline traumatized. I tried some home remedies, including one that a friend recommended. She urged me to put on the Elizabeth Arden cream,Harry confided.

A friend assured him that this cream would definitely help him. As soon as the prince saw the tuba, he immediately remembered Princess Diana, who would not let him go. The scent transported him back to 1997, when he saw his beloved mother for the last time.

I found the tube and as soon as I opened it, the scent transported me back in time. I felt like my mother was right there in the room. I took a piece and put it down there” carried on.

Harry last spoke to Diana a few hours before the car accident on August 31, 1997, in which she was tragically killed. To this day, he regrets that he did not pay much attention to her during the phone call, the magazine recalled People.

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Prince William physically assaulted me, accuses brother Harry:

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