Prince Harry has a close friendship with Mrs. Biden

When Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan expressed support for Joe Biden, it caused a stir not only in America but especially in Great Britain. It is an unwritten rule that family members, including those who have partially broken ties with it, remain politically neutral at all times.

Critics of the still closely watched couple thought Harry was “poking his nose into American politics,” especially because of Duchess Meghan. After all, she is American and local celebrities express their political views very loudly by default.

This week, however, the British media reminded that Prince Harry had been in favor of the Biden family much earlier. He has a strong friendship with Jill Biden in particular. It began in May 2013, when Harry and Biden met at a charity reception to support wounded British and American soldiers.

Despite being separated for 33 years, the two soon found common ground, especially when it came to caring for military veterans. Harry served in the army for ten years, and Biden’s son Beau, raised by Jill, was a major in the judicial service (JAG) until his death.

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Harry seemed to get along well with the then second lady of the United States. In 2016, Biden made her own trip to Britain, where she visited the Invictus games. The International Games were founded by Harry for wounded war veterans.

The Bidenes were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the games and supported the Invictus games in 2016 in Orlando, USA.

Can Harry comment on the election?

Prince Harry caused a stir over the US election several times. The last time he persuaded Americans in a video to go to the polls. He did not explicitly mention any candidate, especially Donald Trump’s supporters saw Bid’s support in this, given the long-standing attitudes of Harry and Meghan.

“Both have shown great interest in the election and I am sure they are eagerly awaiting the outcome,” their unnamed friend told People magazine shortly after the election.

The couple did not make the activity happy even to the protocols of the royal palace and experts on the royal family. With Harry and Meghan relinquishing some of their rights and responsibilities, the titles remained, the experts could not agree whether or not they had violated the rules of the royal family with their statements.

But as royal biographer Robert Johnson told the Daily Mail, it would definitely be “easier” if Harry and Meghan decided to give up their royal titles because of the “political and business agenda they seem to want to pursue.”

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