Prince Harry betrayed the queen, says William. He also refused to sit next to his brother

The Duke of Cambridge’s brother’s gesture, according to portal information Mirror he perceives it as a betrayal of the queen herself. At the summit, where the royal family was to discuss the circumstances of Harry and Meghan’s departure, he even refused to sit at the same table with him.

The meeting itself was preceded by a joint lunch, to which Queen Elizabeth II invited the family. Eventually, Harry, Duke of Sussex, ate with her practically alone, and William arrived for the meeting, but apologized for lunch.

It upset him that Harry first announced his rabbit intentions on social media, and only then did he intend to discuss them with the queen. The Duke of Cambridge literally considers this a betrayal, and his relationship with his brother has since cooled considerably.

According to foreign media, William did not arrive for lunch because he could not stand the hypocrisy – smiling at himself at the table and then discussing the departure that the whole world knew before his family.

But William is said to understand the very desire for his own life. “My family and I fully support their desire to lead a new life,” he said. However, the two princes from “megxit” limited communication to mutual birthday wishes.


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