Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will receive prestigious award


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will receive an award next week for their charitable and humanitarian work with their Archewell Foundation.

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At a ceremony in New York City, the charity’s CEO, James Holt, will collect the Partner Award on behalf of the couple. The award is presented to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their advocacy for Afghan refugees and for providing “generous financial support” to the Human First Coalition.

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Together with the couple, US Senator Richard Blumenthal will accept the Haji Abdul Rauf Service Award for his work defending Afghan refugees and asylum seekers.

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The prestigious awards ceremony will feature traditional Afghan food, music and performances, and tickets will cost $100 with proceeds going to charity.

The news comes as the royal couple experienced a bit of a scare at their Montecito home, as cougars were reported to be in the vicinity.

The couple will be delighted with the prize.

They were also specifically warned about the flock of chickens they have been raising on their farm, and even to care for their dogs.

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According to security footage obtained by MailOnline, the lion was seen prowling about five miles away, near the driveway of another owner’s home.

The executive director of the Montecito Association, Sharon Byrne, said: “The fact that we have security footage shows that residents are taking this seriously as it was caught on camera which is what we have been urging residents to do. to install”.

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He added: “Chickens can be a quick and easy food source for game animals, so they need to be safe and secure.

“We want all the locals to secure their homes and their chicken coops and any other animals they may have.”

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Sharon hopefully continued, “We also urge residents to secure their trash so animals can scavenge for scraps, have night lighting, alarms, cameras, etc.

“Mountain lions are solitary creatures and ultimately don’t want to be around people, so we hope this one will move on its own.”

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