Prince Hamzah swears allegiance to the King of Jordan after being accused of Otaki Coup


AMMAN Prince Hamzah bin Hussein , former crown prince Jordan , swore allegiance to King Abdullah II after he was arrested on charges of planning a coup.

The palace said the oath of allegiance was taken by Prince Hamzah when the king received mediation over a rift in the royal family.

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The Jordanian government has accused Hamzah, who is in fact the half -brother of King Abdullah II, of plotting and engaging in a seditious conspiracy to disrupt government security. The evil plot is a more subtle term to describe the coup attempt.

Hamzah, who was detained along with at least 16 other people, previously raised a defiant tone saying he had been placed under house arrest inside his court in Amman, but insisted he would not comply with orders restricting his movements.

But in easing the palace chaos, the 41-year-old prince pledged to support King Abdullah II.

“I will remain … true to my ancestral heritage, walk their path, true to their path and their message and to His Majesty,” he said in a signed letter, which the palace published.

“I will always be ready to assist and support His Majesty the King and the Crown Prince,” the letter continued, as quoted AFP, Tuesday (6/4/2021).


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