Prime suspect of fatal police brutality George Floyd on bail

The former police officer charged with the aggravated manslaughter of black American George Floyd has been released on bail. According to Minneapolis court records, Derek Chauvin has paid $ 1 million bail and has been released on conditions.

Chauvin is the cop who pressed his knee to the neck of the handcuffed and unarmed Floyd on May 25. Although Floyd indicated he could no longer breathe, the cop kept pressing him to the sidewalk. The arrestee did not survive. A video of the police brutality was quickly shared online, sparking mass protests against racism among the police. The anger and backlash spread across many parts of the world.

Chauvin and three other agents involved in Floyd’s arrest were fired. The three others, against whom the charges are less severe, have previously been released on bail. The lawsuit against the four former agents is due to start in March.

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