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On the same day that the deadline for making a decision expired, Mette Frederiksen meets the press in Marienborg. She announces it becomes <span class="note" data-content="

National Assembly elections outside the normal election period.

(Source: Norwegian Academy dictionary)

“data-term =” nyval “> newval in Denmark.

– There is war in Europe and economic uncertainty. Prices go up for everything we need. The important task right now is to bring Denmark safely through the crisis, she says.

– We are now calling for a renewed mandate on Tuesday 1 November, when Denmark goes to the polls. Let’s take care of each other and the future. Let’s take care of Denmark. Good election campaign to all.

One of the parties that supports the government,

Liberal Social Political Party. Sister of the Norwegian Left.

“data-term =” Radical Left “> Radical Lefthe warned that Frederiksen would receive a motion of no confidence in him if this did not happen within three months.

The deadline actually expired yesterday, but has been extended by the same party until today.

By all accounts, Frederiksen’s government wanted something like this. Today he chose to try the lock with people instead.

The Danish prime minister will arrive at the Danish parliament on Wednesday morning.


I had a “nose” but it stayed put

The backdrop for the new elections is the so-called mink scandal, in which Denmark killed more than 15 million minks after a mutated variant of the crown spread among animals.

One commission concluded that the prime minister wanted to lie to the people when the massacre took place, but the government remained in place. This is due, among other things, to the support of the Radical Left.

The party believes that Frederiksen is claiming political responsibility for the scandal, even though he cannot be held legally responsible. They hope that a new election will provide the basis for a new government that is not composed solely of social democracy.

The deadline they set postpones elections by almost eight months, a period in which Parliament’s mandate had normally expired.

Frederiksen only has what the Danes call a “nose”. This means that he has received criticism, but it has not had any consequences for her.

However, he did it for ten civil servants. They got everything from scratch and scolded being sent home from work, they write The Danish radio in a previous case.

Candidates are pouring

The leader of the Conservative People’s Party, Søren Pape Poulsen, has already declared himself a candidate for prime minister.

In a press conference shortly after the news arrived on Wednesday, he spoke out harshly against the government for what he called a lack of energy support for ordinary Danish people.

– Should we take care of the private finances of the Danes? Or should we make something in the public sector grow on a line, regardless of whether people can pay their bills or not?

Party leader Jakob Ellemann-Jensen is running for Venstre, Denmark’s second largest party. He opened the press conference today.

– It’s always everyone else’s fault by Mette Frederiksen. That’s not fair, and now the Danes have the opportunity to oust Mette Frederiksen and his government.

– It must be rejected on self-promotion and pretentiousness, and then it must be heightened on both humility and concern. We need to build trust in the political system.

Ellemann-Jensen also says they will not join a government together with the Social Democrats. He calls for a bourgeois government with a bourgeois prime minister.

I had to choose between truverd and seats at the Folketinget

When the Radikale Venstre made this request three months ago, social democracy held up well in opinion polls, says Anders Byskov Svendsen, a political journalist at Danmarks Radio.

– It was seen as a kick in an open door, which Radikale Venstre did here. But the radical leader wanted to do it because she was exposed to pressure from her own party members.

They wanted there to be consequences for the government following the mink report. However, he believes the election cost the challenger party dearly.

Sophie Carsten Nielsen

Leader of the Radical Left in Denmark, Sofie Carsten Nielsen.


In early August, Frederiksen and his Social Democrat party received 22.9% support. It was the lowest since March 2015.

Radikale Venstre therefore had the choice between losing credibility by withdrawing the request for new elections or losing seats in the Folketing, says Byskov Svendsen.

– Even if the radicals will lose some mandates in Folketing, they will still be able to get some mandates.

– Mette Frederiksen depends on him to be able to continue as prime minister.

Come despite several crises

The attack on the pipeline in the Baltic prompted Radikale Venstre to take an extra turn in his call for new elections. However, they decided to keep their position.

Party rejects it is irresponsible to throw Danish politicians into an election campaign in the midst of a crisis situation

– Those crises won’t end in two, four, six or eight months. We don’t need an eight-month election campaign. We need to get out on the other side, meet and solve the problem together, she tells Danish broadcaster Sofie Carsten Nielsen, party leader in Radikale Venstre.

Satellite image of one of the Nord Stream 1 leaks.

Satellite image of one of the Nord Stream 1 leaks.

Photo: – / AFP

These crises also became a topic when Frederiksen opened the Norwegian parliament on Tuesday. He said the past three years as prime minister had been completely different than anyone could have imagined.

As examples of this, he highlighted the crown pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. Frederiksen also said that many of the latest decisions made in the National Assembly were the result of the party’s cooperation between the blocs.

When asked if she would call new elections, Frederiksen replied several times:

– I don’t think it’s getting close.

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