Prime Minister De Croo: ‘The virus is the enemy, not the Walloons’

“We are not closing the catering industry because we think the restaurants would not have done their best,” De Croo made clear. “We are taking the measure because the virus is everywhere today. Compared to the start of the lockdown on March 18, there are now more than twice as many patients in the emergency departments. If we didn’t act now, we would lose people we could have saved. ”

N-VA chairman Bart De Wever does not understand why the restaurants have to close if necessary. As if we have to pay for the bad figures in Brussels and Wallonia, it is heard here and there. “We’re not going to have a political fight about this, are we? Everyone now sees the seriousness of the situation. In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has taken identical measures and the figures are even better there. The enemy is not that one province or the Walloons. The enemy is that virus and we are going to defeat it all together with a team of eleven million Belgians. ”

Three priorities

De Croo outlined the three major priorities. “First and foremost, we must of course try to normalize the situation in hospitals. The second priority is to ensure that the schools can remain open. We still have young people today who are learning disadvantage because we have had to close schools. The third priority is to ensure that our companies can continue to operate and that our economy does not come to a standstill. Those three things must be maintained, otherwise our society will simply fall to pieces. ”

According to Paul Magnette, stricter measures will also be taken for other sectors. “There are a number of sectors that work with protocols, just think of professional sports or culture. It has been agreed that these rules will be revised between now and Friday, because they must be in line with the situation we are in. We are going to have to make efforts at all levels. All contacts that are not necessary must be stopped. So nobody is targeted here. ”

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