Primary schools in Île-de-France: looking for contract teachers to fill the lack of teachers

Concern had arisen in May in the Paris region, when the results of the teacher recruitment competitions were still intermediate. It has not dissipated since. The competitions to become a school teacher (nursery and elementary) have not been full, in proportions deemed unprecedented by several teachers’ unions.

The Créteil academy (Val-de-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne) thus displays 419 candidates admitted for 1079 positions open to external competition. Even adding 77 recruits who obtained the internal competition, and 213 admitted through the “third competition” intended for private sector employees in retraining, the account is not there. Ditto in the academy of Versailles (Yvelines, Val-d’Oise, Hauts-de-Seine, Essonne), 424 candidates passed the external competition for 1430 positions (30 admitted to the internal competition and 130 to the third competition). In Paris, 157 admitted for 219 positions (3 admitted to the internal competition and 16 to the third competition). The results of the two additional competitions open for the academy of Créteil (500 positions) and Versailles (200 positions) are still missing, intended to compensate precisely for the difficulties of recruitment and the results of which will be published at the beginning of July.

What result for “job-dating” operations?

A few days before the long holidays, teachers and parents are therefore wondering about the conditions for the return to school, while the year which is ending has already been marked by many unreplaced absences. Parents of students are organizing to attack the state. “The start of the new school year promises to be chaotic”, estimates Marie Horville, departmental secretary of the Snudi-FO of Paris, who calls for the express organization of an “exceptional recruitment competition from the license level, so that all positions are filled. by trainee teachers at the start of the school year”.

“There will be a teacher in front of each class at the start of the school year”, promised recently, in an interview with Parisian, the new Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye. “The recruitment volumes were high, the positions are not all filled, we expected it”, we slip rue de Grenelle, pointing once again “a context of general disaffection for the competitions of the Function public” and the reform of the recruitment competition, previously accessible to students in Master 1, now reserved for Master 2.

The rectorates in the Ile-de-France rely on the recruitment of contract workers, recruited without competition, with a baccalaureate level + 3. “Job-dating” operations have taken place. No precise assessment yet in the academy of Versailles, but in Paris, the rectorate indicates to have retained 200 candidatures with “favorable or very favorable opinion”, and profiles “varied” for a need estimated at 170 recruits. The rectorate of Créteil indicated as early as May that it had anticipated recruitment, and did not quantify either its needs or the number of contract workers currently employed, “because the work on this subject is not finished”.

The situation is in any case “unprecedented for the first degree”, notes Guislaine David, spokesperson for SNUipp-FSU, the main union of teachers. “In the Paris region, it is more than a thousand contract workers that should be recruited. But these are people who can give up during the year, who are beginners, not trained. “She underlines the devastating effects of the health crisis, during which many absences have not been replaced: “There is really a break in public service in this case. We have been asking the ministry for more than a year how to respond to the educational consequences of this crisis… ”

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