Primabalerina Viktorija Jansone with the ballet «Antonija # Silmači» will say goodbye to the active stage / Article /

On September 24, the benefice of the leading soloist of the Latvian National Ballet Viktorija Jansone in the ballet “Antonija # Silmači” by Juris Carlson and Aivars Leimanis will take place. With the title role in this show, the outstanding artist will say goodbye to the active stages of the stage. Viktorija Jansone will continue her work at the Latvian National Ballet as a tutor, the representatives of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet informed.

Viktorija Jansone has been a soloist of the Latvian National Ballet since 1998, and since 2015 – also a tutor of the Latvian National Ballet. From 2002 to 2004, she was a soloist with the Salt Lake City Ballet Company, Ballet West (USA). Viktorija Jansone has danced many leading roles in both the classical and contemporary repertoire at the Latvian National Ballet. Her classical ballet roles include Odeta in “Swan Lake”, Princess Aurora in “The Enchanted Princess”, Mary in “Bahchisara Fountain”, Niki in “Bajadera”, Gulnar in “Corsair”, Maria in “Nutcracker”. Admirers of modern and contemporary ballet have recognized Victoria Jansone’s performance in such roles as Carmen, Juliet, Anna Karenina, Guna in “Silver Liquid”, Girl in “Holy Spring” and many others.

Aivars Leimanis, the artistic director of the Latvian National Ballet, pointed out: “Victoria has always been strong in both classical and contemporary repertoire. The images she has created have always been emotionally nuanced, for which she wants to say thank you.

Thank you also for the fact that she shares her experience and will continue to share it with ballet soloists, with whom she started working very successfully in parallel with her ballerina career. ”

Ballet soloist Annija Kopštāle emphasized: “Victoria is a unique, charismatic, smart, beautiful ballerina. Each of her stage heroes surprises with diversity, femininity, elegance, beauty, plasticity, emotionality, uniqueness – Anna Karenina, Carmen, Juliet, Odette, Antonio. The love of the scene and art radiates from Victoria. Love of work and respect for it both as a ballerina and as a teacher. She inspires! I am proud that Victoria is my tutor! ”

Leading ballet soloist Raimonds Martinovs noted: “Victoria and I danced together for the first time in Krzysztof Pastor’s” Holy Spring “. I want to say a big thank you to Victoria for every role we have danced and survived on stage. It is not always the case that you are not confronted by a person you know outside the stage, but by an image. With Victoria, it always is. This is her best feature. Victoria takes with her what no diploma will replace – it’s an experience. The experience she will pass on to her colleagues, the younger generation and also to her daughter, who has started studying at the Riga Ballet School.

One phase is over and a new one is opening. ”

Ballet soloist Jūlija Brauere added: “We have been working with Victoria as a tutor for five years now, she brought me into the world of ballet, and I am her first“ ballet child ”. Victoria associates me with tenderness. Her hand movements and plasticity inspire me. Each of her roles is thought out, she has a soul, she tells her story. ”

Composer Juris Karlsons and choreographer Aivars Leimanis have created the ballet “Antonija # Silmači”, inspired by Rūdolfs Blaumanis ‘play “Tailors’ Days in Silmači”. The performance has won the Latvian Dance Award in the category “Classical Dance Performance”. “Antonija # Silmači” is an event of the Latvian state centenary program, created with the support of LMT. Farhad Stade will perform at the conductor’s stand on September 24, Alise Prudāne, Viktors Seiko, Raimonds Martinovs and others will perform.

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