“Priluchny’s Wife Sent to Clinic, Child Diagnosed with Cancer: Tumor Inoperable, Say Doctors”

Ruslana Alekseeva

47 minutes ago

Pavel Priluchny

Movie and TV star Pavel Priluchny will soon become a father of many children. Wife, actress Zepyur Brutyan, is about to give birth to a handsome third baby. Also, Pavel, we recall, has a son, Timothy, and a daughter, Mia, from his marriage to Agatha Muceniece.

The day before, Pavel sent his beloved Zepyur to the clinic for scheduled diagnostics. Brutyan had an ultrasound and was given to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. The happy wife of Priluchny is already showing off shots from the doctor’s office.

Meanwhile, Pavel himself on the social network Instagram is pleading for help. The artist spoke about a 13-year-old boy Matvey Artyushin from the city of Topki, Kemerovo region. The child was diagnosed with thymus cancer. The actor is very worried about Matthew. According to the star, the student’s illness is very rare.

“During the months of treatment in Moscow, he underwent several courses of radiation and chemotherapy. But the tumor hasn’t gotten smaller – our doctors can’t operate on it. All hope for treatment in Israel,” Pavel complained.

Matvey’s parents and just caring people have already collected part of the amount needed for his treatment, but more money is needed. Pavel called on fans to participate in fundraising for the child. The artist posted a link to social networks and the details of the boy’s mother.

Social networks of Pavel Pryluchny

Let’s help them get the rest of the way. Not so long ago I lived through a similar situation, as the hero of the movie “Elephant”. But life is not a movie, it’s still more complicated here, ”Priluchny noted bitterly.

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Subscribers, we note, are delighted with Paul’s desire to help the sick kid. In the comments about the actor, they respond with special warmth. “Eyes are wet from such stories. Pavel, once again I am convinced that you are a warm-hearted person and will not pass by someone else’s grief. God bless Matthew”, “Thank you Paul for letting me know. This is how we live in Kemerovo and do not know what is happening. Together we will help, ”the inhabitants of the Network write to Priluchny.

Source: “Instagram”

Photo source: Instagram, Global look press/Pavel Kashaev

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