Priebing populated place, Styria, Austria

Priebing is a populated place and is located in Styria, Austria. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 252 metres.

Latitude: 46°45’0″
Longitude: 15°43’59.99″

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Near by ,,Priebing´´
third-order administrative division Mureck, Weinburg am Saßbach, Sankt Peter am Ottersbach, Murfeld, Eichfeld
church Schwotzkapelle, Hubertuskapelle
castle Schloss Brunnsee
farm Ebensuppan, Ziegler
farms Höfla, Tratten
forest(s) Auer Wald, Weinburger Wald
locality Priebingjahn, Ribitz
mill(s) Bachmühle, Niederlmühle
populated place Kalvarienberg, Deinendorf am Ottersbach, Oberhart, Ruckerlberg, Weitersfeld an der Mur, Glauning, Priebing, Rohrbach am Rosenberg, Hart, Edlaberg, Brunnsee, Jaun, Rannersdorf am Sassbach, Au, Edla, Lichendorf, Rosenberg, Pichla near Mureck, Gosdorfau, Hainsdorf , Mettersdorfberg, Landorf, Gaberling, Oberrakitsch, Stangdorf, Wittmannsdorf, Siebing
seat of a third-order administrative division Eichfeld, Mureck, Sankt Peter am Ottersbach, Weinburg am Saßbach
populated locality Ditch

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