Prices of used cars whose manufacturers are no longer in Indonesia

JAKARTA, – The official discontinuation of the sale of the car by the manufacturer causes the resale price of the related product to drop significantly in the market used car.

Moreover, product availability is very limited, thus limiting consumer choices to determine the unit with the most ideal conditions for later use.

“We take the example of Datsun Go, now the population is not that much so it is also rare to sell. Compared to Calya or Sigra, it is about 1:10,” said the Senior Manager of the Stock Exchange. Used car WTC Mangga Dua Herjanto Kosasih to recently.

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Stanley Ravel Datsun will end its production in Indonesia starting January 2020.

“Because of these limitations, choosing a car with the desired conditions is very difficult. Therefore, people usually move their choice to another model that is deemed appropriate,” he continued.

The availability of spare parts and continuity of service from the car manufacturer are also other considerations.

This has significantly decreased the price of cars with brands that no longer exist in Indonesia.


Herjanto said, the range for Datsun Go and Go + produced in 2014 in the used car market is now around Rp. 65 million depending on conditions and location.

This official price is not much different when compared to online car buying and selling sites.

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