Prices for iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 November 2020, Again Down!

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Entering November 2020, the price of the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 series is going down, you know. Already so, the price reduction applies to the official iPhone distributor in Indonesia, so that the HP is officially guaranteed.

One of the discounted offers comes from Erajaya Group, valid from 4-11 November 2020. With this offer, the prices for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone SE 2020 dropping in the range of IDR 500 thousand-IDR1 million.

However, the price drop only applies to the iPhone 11 series, based on observations on the iBox site. Meanwhile, the price iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are still the same as the previous month.

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Interested in buying? Check the price details below!

Price List for iPhone November 2020

Type Initial Price Price of iBox per November
iPhone SE 2020 64GB IDR7.9 million IDR7.8 million
iPhone SE 2020 128GB IDR 8.9 million IDR8.8 million
iPhone SE 2020 256GB IDR10.9 million IDR 10.8 million
iPhone 11 64GB IDR 12.9 million IDR 11.5 million
iPhone 11 128GB IDR 13.9 million IDR 11.5 million
iPhone 11 256GB IDR 15.9 million IDR 14.5 million
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB IDR 15.9 million IDR 15.5 million
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB IDR 19.5 million IDR 18.8 million
iPhone 11 Pro 512GB IDR 23.5 million IDR 22.7 million
iPhone Pro Max 64GB IDR 17.9 million IDR 17.5 million
iPhone Pro Max 256GB Rp21.5 million IDR 20.9 million
iPhone Pro Max 512GB IDR 25.5 million IDR 24.2 million
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