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This is evident from an overview of rental housing platform Pararius, based on more than 12,500 homes in the free sector that were rented out via the platform in the fourth quarter of 2020.

A new tenant paid an average of € 16.16 per month per square meter in this quarter. Free-sector rental homes have a rent higher than € 737.14.


Furnished apartments in particular, popular with expats who are now much less, became a lot cheaper. An average of € 18.20 per square meter is paid for this: 7% less than a year earlier.

Unfurnished apartments decreased in price by 5.3% to € 15.18. Compared to a year earlier, a bare apartment became 0.5% more expensive: this now costs an average of € 11.92 per square meter.


There are large regional differences in terms of rent in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, the most people pay per square meter: € 22.08. Yet that is no less than 6.8% lower than a year earlier.

In Rotterdam, an average of € 15.48 is paid: 4.8% less. In The Hague, the square meter price fell by 3.1% to € 15.83, in Eindhoven by 2.9% to € 14.11.

No price drop was seen in the extremely tight rental market in Utrecht. Here, a rental house cost an average of € 17.81 per square meter, about the same as a year earlier (€ 17.80).


According to Pararius, the development of rents in the five major cities is a precursor for the rest of the Netherlands. Rental prices here stagnated earlier in 2019 and fell faster than average in the past year.

The most expensive cities to rent are after Amsterdam (€ 22.08) Amstelveen (€ 18.21) and Haarlem (€ 18.11). This is followed by Utrecht (€ 17.81) and Leiden (€ 16.87).

The cheapest of all cities is Leeuwarden (€ 9.79), Enschede (€ 10.59), Deventer (10.75), Apeldoorn (€ 11.08) and Arnhem (11.84).

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