Price of Yamaha Matic motorcycles will increase in early 2023, Gear, Aerox and NMAX will increase so much

Illustration of an automatic Yamaha NMAX motorcycle at the dealership. Motorcycle prices will increase in 2023, the automatic motorcycles Yamaha NMAX, Aerox, Lexi and Gear will be like this.

THE ENGINE – Prices the engine matic Yamaha officially goes up in early 2023, Yamaha Gear, Aerox, NMAX and Lexi add a lot. Since the year has changed or VIN 2023, the price is automatic the engine it will be different from yesterday’s 2022.

Previously THE ENGINE Plus-online already discussed the engine Honda automatic. All right, now turn around the engine matic belonging to the manufacturer that bears the logo of the three tuning forks, Yamaha.

From a search on the Yamaha website-the, price the engine matic Yamaha has increased in early 2023. There are 4 of them the engine matic Yamaha which recorded an increase, namely Gear, Lexi, Aerox and NMAX.

To be clearer, let’s discuss one by one.

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YIMM collage

Yamaha Gear 125

First Yamaha Gear standard type, in December 2022 the engine This 125cc matic is being sold for IDR 17,735,000 for On the Road Jakarta.

However, as of early 2023, the price for the standard Yamaha Gear has increased to IDR 18,035,000 OTR Jakarta. This means that it is Rp. 300 thousand more expensive than last year.

So Yamaha Lexi S ABS is the highest type, as of Dec 2022 priced at IDR 28,190,000 OTR Jakarta.

In early 2023, the Yamaha Lexi S ABS was sold for IDR 28,490,000, an increase of IDR 300 thousand.

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