Price Down To 3.6 Million! This is a list of the most affordable prices for the latest iPhone 12

INFOSEMARANGRAYA.COM – Given their outstanding performance, iPhone products always come with price high selling. Therefore, news about the product iPhone 12 come down price usually the target of many people.

For that, here we convey the news that the series iPhone 12 has experienced a decline price up to 3.6 million!

Powerful series performance iPhone 12 this is not just talk. With chipset A14 Bionicthe series that was released in 2020 has extraordinary performance, it can even exceed various other latest smartphone products.

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In addition, with a display that is very similar to the last series, the iPhone 13, then you can use this series for the long term, considering that the style will not fade away soon to be replaced by a new style.

In addition to coming with a chipset A14 Bionic which really supports its performance, series iPhone 12 it also comes with a very beautiful design, namely a super Retine XRD screen on each side, and also a ceramic shield material that makes it more resistant to falling.

In terms of the camera itself, series iPhone 12 This is not inferior to other smartphone products that exhibit a resolution of hundreds of Mega Pixels. The reason is, with a 12MP camera and various features that support it, it is ready to provide an experience capturing images with extraordinary quality.

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It’s not wrong if it’s a draw iPhone 12 it has price high selling. Therefore, many are looking forward to the series iPhone 12 it’s going down price so it has price sell more affordable.

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