Price and Specifications of the Ginting Racket that was slammed at the Singapore Open

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Champion celebration Anthony Sinisuka Ginting from Singapore Open 2022 by slamming the racket is still a discussion, including the price and specifications of the shuttlecock held by one of Indonesia’s mainstays.

Ginting’s racket is back in the spotlight because the BWF account on Instagram posted a photo with a funny emoji on Monday (18/7).

Ginting’s unusual celebration of champions. As if spilling all emotions, the player from the SGS Bandung club slammed the racket after defeating Kodai Naraoka in the final of the Singapore Open 2022.



Ginting’s slam was so hard that the frame of the racket broke and the strings broke.

The Ginting racket used in the final of the Singapore Open 2022 is branded by Li Ning, one of the sports equipment manufacturers who is also the sponsor of the 25-year-old player.

Ginting’s racket is not the usual type. It is known that the player from Cimahi received elite class fighting equipment, namely the Li Ning Aeronaut 9000 racket.


Referring to Li Ning’s racket sales site, the price of this type of racket without a discount reaches US$369.99 or Rp. 5.5 million.

With this racket, Ginting had a chance to hit a smash hit with a speed of 417 kilometers per hour in the quarter-finals of the Singapore Open 2022 against Ng Tze Yong.

The Ginting racket has a weight specification of 85-89 grams and a length of 675 millimeters. The grip length of the Ginting ‘combat tool’ reaches 210 millimeters.

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The Ginting racket category is head heavy or tend to be heavier on the head. The material used is also carbon fiber material.

When he won Olympic bronze and presented the Thomas Cup title last year, Ginting was known to have used the racket.

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