Price and specifications of Samsung Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A12, Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A13

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – Samsung phones always offer a variety of pricing options, which can be chosen according to the conditions of each pocket.

For smartphones in the Android class, Samsung is one that has the best quality cameras.

There is no need to worry that the price is expensive, Samsung phones have good quality products and capable capacity with a price range of only 2 million.

Reported from the following sources: Price and specifications September 2022:

1. Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung Galaxy A21

The Samsung Galaxy A21s has the four best cameras. Where the camera already has a resolution of 48 MP.

Camera Samsung Galaxy A21 it also provides macro photos, which can be used to photograph objects at a very close range.

For viewing Samsung Galaxy A21 brings the Infinity-O display.

Specific Samsung Galaxy A21

• Operating system version: 10

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