Prey! This is the MLBB Redeem Update Code as of November 22, 2020


JAKARTAMoonton often presents a variety of bonuses to pamper the players Mobile Legends Bang-Bang (MLBB). Well, this time there is a code update redeem latest shared by Moonton, as of November 22, 2020. (Also read: League of Legends: Wild Rift Can Be Played, So Is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?)

In update code redeem This latest ML, Moonton does not apply restrictions. This means that all MLBB players can get it. There are eight codes redeem ywhich can be claimed, namely:
1. MLBBAllStarMY2020
2. TogetherWeBattle
3. TogetherWePlay
4. BringItOn
5. thanksgiving
6. LaylasGift
7. WeAreMobileLegendsAllStars
8. WeAreAllStars

SINDOnews have tried to claim those codes redeem and it worked. Players can earn skin trial, double gold, double exp, fragment, and others.

How to redeem the code is quite easy. Just enter the site, then fill in the game ID and click send. Then a verification code will be sent to inbox inside game MLBB.

After that, just enter the verification code and select Redeem. Similar steps are repeated for each code entered. (Also read: Watch out! Deceived by the Rise of Illegal Online Loans when Corona)



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