Previously determined to determine its own fate, now Timor Leste is the country with the worst hunger in the world, only losing to countries in the middle of the Sahara Desert

Sosok.IDIndonesia’s neighboring countries, Timor Leste often rated as the poorest country in the world.

After deciding to determine their own destiny and break away from the Republic of Indonesia, the economy Timor Leste highlighted because it is not progressing.

Even now Timor Leste referred to as a state with a level starving high in the world.

The latest edition of the Global Hunger Index (Index Starving Global) says Timor Leste note rate starving which is ‘worrying’.

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The situation has worsened in recent years.

According to the report, Timor Leste is the second worst among 107 countries, after Chad.

Chad itself is a country located in the Sahara Desert, Africa.

As a result of the condition of its territory which is dominated by deserts and its location far from the sea, Chad has earned the nickname ‘the dead heart of Africa’.

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