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Preventive searches in Roosendaal, a letter from the mayor to parents of fireworks throwers in Helmond and the closure of Arnhem houses of illegal fireworks dealers. In this way, the municipalities where it has been restless for days try to combat the fireworks nuisance.

In Roosendaal, the police arrested several people on Friday evening during preventive searches in the Kalsdonk and Langdonk districts.

In the Brabant town and specifically in those two neighborhoods, it has been restless for several days. Heavy fireworks were set off and a fire started. Five people were already arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Friday evening it was relatively quiet, the two neighborhoods are closed to people who do not live there.

The arrested persons have been banned from the territory for fourteen days. This should prevent them from disrupting public order again. A grouping ban has been in effect for all of Roosendaal since Tuesday.

Helmond has sixty young people in its sights

Mayor Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel of Helmond sent a letter to the parents of a group of young people who caused fireworks in the city on Friday. She says that their son or daughter will receive an official warning. If the children make another mistake, they will be fined a maximum of 4,350 euros.

Blanksma-van den Heuvel announced earlier on Friday that the police and municipality have more than sixty young people in their sights who are causing the problems. “I call on you to take responsibility together. Start a conversation with your son / daughter and discuss the consequences of his or her actions,” said the mayor. On Thursday evening, two underage boys from Helmond were arrested due to fireworks nuisance.

Marcouch: ‘Trader put local residents in great danger’

Arnhem mayor Ahmed Marcouch closed a house in the Geitenkamp district on Friday because the 31-year-old resident was caught trading in heavy illegal fireworks. According to Marcouch, the man has put his local residents in great danger. “The consequences are incalculable if such stored fireworks accidentally explode in a house,” said the Arnhem mayor.

In the Geitenkamp district it has been restless for over a week due to fireworks nuisance. More than twenty people have already been arrested. Marcouch announced early Thursday morning that he would evict people from their homes if they were caught owning or dealing in heavy-duty bombs like Italian bombs, nitrates and mortars.

The Arnhemmer was arrested by the police on Wednesday. He then had six kilos of fireworks with him. In his terraced house, the police found another seven kilos of bangers. “These fireworks are more like war equipment,” says Marcouch. “It is unacceptable that an entire neighborhood is the victim of a small group of rogues.”

In recent days it has been quieter in the Geitenkamp district. The police are always conspicuously and inconspicuously present in the neighborhood.



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