Preventing DHF, Enesis Group Educates PKK Women from 300 Villages

Enesis representative mentioned dengue prevention through PSN 3M Plus

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Enesis Group through the Soffel brand held prevention education dengue hemorrhagic fever together with the members of the Family Welfare and Empowerment Team (TP-PKK) from 300 villages and sub-districts throughout Malang Regency at the Malang Regent’s Office Hall, Kepanjen District, Malang Regency, East Java.

Head of Provincial TP-PKK East Java Arumi Bachsin Dardak, appealed to the larva monitoring cadres (jumantik) to always carry out 3M Plus, namely closing, draining, recycling, and using mosquito repellent, to prevent dengue. He also hopes that the jumantik cadres are not only responsible for their own families, but also want to socialize the Tisagaluh program.

“One cadre (jumantik) must be able to educate their husbands and children at home, as well as the ten surrounding houses, five right neighbors and five left (neighbors) so that 3M Plus education can prevent dengue fever in the surrounding environment,” he said in a written statement, Monday ( 8/8/2022).

Meanwhile Senior Brand Manager Soffell and Force magic Louis Sumantadiredja added dengue prevention can be done through the eradication of mosquito nests (PSN) 3M Plus.

“Plus it can use mosquito repellent, such as smearing or spraying Soffell to avoid mosquito bites as self-protection,” he said.

According to him, Soffell has an anti-mosquito lotion and spray that lasts eight hours. Currently, there is a new variant of Soffel Alamia which is a mosquito repellent made from natural leaves, not sticky, and feels cool on the skin.

On that occasion, Enesis also practiced the effective Soffell test by showing the hands that had used Soffell were not bitten by mosquitoes. In addition to Soffell, Louis suggested the use of aerosol Force Magic to protect the room from mosquitoes.

“With the 0.30 AE formula and Synergist technology, Force Magic is able to kill mosquitoes to their nerves. Thus, the mosquito (really) dies and does not wake up again, (not just fainting),” he said.

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