Prevent Stroke by Dancing

Jakarta, – Stroke ranks as the first cause of death disease in Indonesia and the second cause of death worldwide, after coronary heart disease.

Through a sustainable public health education program during the Covid-19 virus pandemic entitled “Prevent Stroke by Dancing” (Feeling Your Own Pulse), by Siloam Hospitals Manado, Cardiology and Vascular Specialist doctor, Dr. Vekky Sariowan, SpJP, said that based on basic health research (riskesdas) in 2018; North Sulawesi Province ranks third in terms of the prevalence of stroke.

There are two types of stroke in terms of etiology; the first stroke caused by obstruction of blood flow or known as ischemic stroke. Second, namely strokes caused by rupture of brain blood vessels or hemorrhagic strokes.

As many as 2/3 of the total stroke patient population consists of ischemic strokes, one of the causes is cardioembolic. Atrial fibrillation is a condition when the atria (atria) of the heart do not contract normally or only fibrillation occurs, causing the heart to beat irregularly.

“This condition causes the blood flow in the heart vault to become stasis and easily form blood clots. Blood clots in the heart space that when released can cause blockage of blood flow to the brain (cardioembolic), “said Vekky Sariowan, Saturday (10/10/2020) at the Webinar Health Talk.

One of the first steps to prevent stroke is early detection of atrial fibrillation.

Stroke Prevention and Treatment The latest guidelines published by the European association of cardiovascular specialists in 2020, that one method of detection of Atrial Fibrillation disease is self-palpation, especially in individuals over 65 years of age. This is because more than 30 percent of people with atrial fibrillation have the initial symptom of a stroke.

On the next occasion, the doctor who specializes in heart and blood vessels born in Tomohon, reminded us of several further medical actions for stroke detection, namely by conducting regular screening or examination of every healthy individual over the age of 65, such as checking blood pressure, heart records, and laboratory

Specific treatment given to people with strokes depending on the etiology. Siloam Hospital Manado is equipped with neurology specialists with various levels of competence and consultant neurosurgeons who are ready to handle stroke problems.

As for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, his party is very strict in implementing health protocols to protect patients who come to visit and take medication. By applying principles clean and clear hospitals cleanliness and health in the scope of the hospital are always put forward at all times.



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