Prevent Osteoporosis with Balanced Nutrition Intake and Not Smoking is a threat, especially for people over 50 years old. The disease appears without symptoms or complaints. That’s why it’s called a disease silent disease.

Data from the Ministry of Health from around the world shows that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 experience osteoporosis or bone loss.

An orthopedic and traumatology specialist from Eka Hospital Ricky Edwin Pandapotan Hutapea said that osteoporosis can affect anyone. ”Especially for adults and the elderly,” Ricky said in a discussion welcoming the 2021 National Osteoporosis Day (HON) which is commemorated every October 20. As is known, Indonesian people commemorate HON every October 20.

In an activity held by Kalbe Nutritionals in Jakarta on Sunday (10/10), Ricky said, osteoporosis is a hidden disease of bone loss. So that patients with osteoporosis do not feel any signs or symptoms.

”Until one day there can be fractures and decreased quality of life,” explained Ricky.

He emphasized that osteoporosis can actually be treated with a healthy lifestyle. Then consume proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, and detect it as early as possible.

Editor: Latu Ratri Mubyarsah

Reporter : Hilmi Setiawan/JPC



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