Press centre: TRAFFIC Poitiers-Nord and Poitiers-Sud: works at the money changer

Vinci Autoroutes is carrying out renovation work on the footpaths of the Poitiers-Nord (n29) and Poitiers-Sud (n30) junctions of the A10 motorway. This project provides for the closure of the ramps on the nights of November 30 and December 1, from 20:00 to 7:00. For the duration of the works, detour routes will be offered.

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Exhibition and debate
about violence
do to women

As part of the fortnight Sexual and sexist violence Poitiers se mobilise!, the company A Corps Commun, in co-production with the University of Poitiers, is proposing, on Tuesday 29 November, a show entitled The conversations of the clitoris Starring Benedicta Eichie and Iman Sidi Katanu, directed by Emma Crews. The show will be followed by a discussion with Sciences Po students on violence against women.

Tuesday 29 November, 6.00 pm Sciences Po, 23, rue Jean-Jaurs, Poitiers. Booking:

Abundant collection
in Vienna

The collection of clandestine weapons carried out by the gendarmerie since Friday has met with widespread approval. Dozens of old rifles or pistols inherited and held without authorization were taken to the Jaunay-Marigny, Chtellerault and Montmorillon brigades. The collection continues until December 2nd.

Olympic Games:
Vienna medals

The ten medals of the Saint-Benot trades campus at the regional trades Olympics were awarded last week by the departmental council. They are Juliette Amino (gold abylympic hairstyle), Baptiste Barry (gold pastry), Pierre Jrme (silver pastry), Tom Mehu Baty (gold cycles), Anthony Levron (bronze cycles), Tho Sauz (gold body paint) , Sarah Boune (gold floristry), Lonie Lopez (silver floristry), Clia Pignoux (bronze floristry), Lilan Do Couto (silver electricity and related environments).

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