President’s Health Adviser: Smokers are more likely to contract Coronavirus

Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs, confirmed that smokers are more likely to be infected with corona, because lung efficiency is affected and reduced by smoking, explaining in a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Fayek through his program, Egypt can broadcast on a channel dmcThe vaccine against Corona is very important, and in order for it to reach us, we must adhere to the muzzle and the preventive measures.

Tajuddin said, that the cure rates announced after treatment with the vaccine, do not mean preventing infection with the virus, adding that the final approval of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and the World Health Organization must be given to vaccines against the Corona virus, adding that studies take a long time until they emerge as a result of the vaccine and its side effects and effectiveness. .


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