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Presidential Candidates Discuss Abortion Policy During GOP Debate, Excluding Trump

A Joe Biden re-election advertisement displayed on Fox News’ website during ​the Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday night is​ seeking donations to support pro-choice⁤ policy. The advertisement reads, ​”Get real, Jack.‍ I’m bringing Roe [v. Wade] back. But only ⁤if you’re with us.” The website‍ states that⁢ all donations will go toward ‌the president’s campaign in an effort to ‍restore Roe v. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that protected the⁣ right to have an⁣ abortion until it was overturned‌ in 2022.

The donation page on the​ website emphasizes that individuals do not have to ‌agree with ‌everything the President says to recognize the need to restore the fundamental rights given to women by ⁢Roe v. Wade and to oppose the “MAGA extremism” ​of some‌ Republicans⁤ today.

Joe Biden has previously expressed disappointment and concern over the Supreme Court’s decision last year, stating⁣ that it endangered the health and life ‍of ‌American women.

During the Republican ⁤debate, some of the‍ eight GOP candidates⁤ discussed their‌ approaches to⁤ the abortion issue and whether they would sign a national ban on abortion.

Nikki Haley, former ⁣governor of South Carolina, argued ​that politicians should be honest about the unlikelihood of ​a federal​ abortion ban, as ‌it would require 60 senate votes and the majority of the House of ⁢Representatives to pass. She​ urged Republican officials to⁣ focus‌ on‌ finding consensus and suggested banning late-term abortions, encouraging adoptions, and⁣ respecting the beliefs of ‍doctors and nurses ⁤who do not believe ​in‌ performing ‌abortions.

Former Vice President Mike ‍Pence countered Haley’s argument, stating​ that “consensus⁤ is the opposite of leadership.” He emphasized ​that abortion is not just⁤ a state issue but a moral issue.

Florida ​Governor Ron⁢ DeSantis, who signed the‌ “Heartbeat Protection Act” in April, ⁤banning abortions ​in people who ⁤are more than six weeks pregnant, expressed his belief‌ in⁤ a culture of life. He‍ shared a personal story of⁤ hearing the heartbeat of his oldest daughter in​ his ⁣wife’s⁢ womb, calling it ⁤one of ‍the most impactful moments of his life. DeSantis criticized Democrats for allowing abortions up until the ⁤moment of birth.

The‍ Republican primary debate took place without former President Donald Trump, and the candidates ​discussed various‍ topics,‌ including Trump, the war⁢ in Ukraine, and abortion.
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What impact will donations towards President Biden’s campaign have on efforts⁤ to reinstate Roe v. Wade and‍ safeguard ⁣the right to have an abortion

Sizes the importance of supporting Joe Biden’s campaign in order to restore ​Roe v. Wade and protect the right to have an abortion. The advertisement, displayed on Fox News’ ⁢website during the Republican presidential primary debate, urges viewers to “Get ⁣real, Jack. I’m bringing Roe [v. Wade] back. But only if‌ you’re with us.” The⁣ ad seeks donations, ⁢with the ⁣website stating that all contributions will go towards the president’s campaign and ‍efforts‍ to reinstate the⁣ landmark U.S. Supreme‍ Court decision that safeguarded ⁤the right to have an abortion until its reversal ⁢in 2022.

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