Presidential candidate Kanye West breaks down in tears during his first meeting

Rapper Kanye West started to cry as he gave an anti-abortion speech at a rally, which was to mark the launch of his candidacy for the November presidential election in the United States, Sunday in Charleston, North Carolina. South.

Dressed in a bulletproof jacket with “security” written on it, Kanye West delivered a rambling speech during a meeting reserved for guests who had to sign a coronavirus waiver form, wear masks and practice social distancing, according to US media.

“I almost killed my daughter!”

He said he wanted his wife Kim Kardashian, then pregnant with their daughter North, to have an abortion, then spoke about his father. “My father wanted my mother to abort me. My mother saved my life. There wouldn’t have been a Kanye West because my dad was too busy, ”the rapper said, starting to cry.

He then spoke unintelligibly for a minute, then shouted, “I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter! ”

Elsewhere in his speech, he argued that the famous American abolitionist “Harriet Tubman never really freed slaves, she just made slaves work for other whites.” Portions of this speech went viral on social media, and caused turmoil, anger and concerns about the singer’s mental health.

Kanye West contre Donald Trump

Kanye West announced his candidacy on Twitter on July 4. He wore a red “Make America Great Again” cap during a meeting with Donald Trump at the White House in 2018, but has since assured that he no longer supported the president.

The rapper has passed the deadline to be on the official list of candidates in several states, but he is on that of Oklahoma.

Observers have noted that his campaign could be detrimental to that of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, especially in the key states (“swing states”) where Donald Trump narrowly won in 2016, and where the polls currently place him behind the ex-vice-president.

“To say that the black vote is democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy,” Kanye West told the magazine in early July. Forbes, recognizing that he would not hesitate to deprive Joe Biden of the votes of the black minority who votes majority for the Democrats.

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