Presidential. 1,000 officials call for a “joint candidacy” on the left

A thousand political leaders and activists, intellectuals and trade unionists call for “a common candidacy” on the left for an “ecological, social and democratic alternative” to the presidential election of 2022, Saturday, October 10, in an online petition.

If they see “signs of openness”, these signatories – including MP LFI Clementine Autain, EELV MEP Damien Carême, one of the spokespersons of the same party Alain Coulombel, the environmental journalist Cyril Dion, the economist Thomas Piketty or even Gérard Filoche, spokesperson for the Democratic and Social Left – regret “A lack of common work” in the different structures.

“Double climate and social emergency”

Opposing “Resolutely to neoliberalism, capitalism, productivism, patriarchy, presidentialism, all racisms and all discriminations and exclusions”, they believe that the decade is « critique » with regard to “Dual climate and social emergency”.

The 2022 presidential election is a “A vital deadline for our future with a double risk: that of the continuation and amplification of current or past policies, that of the coming to power of the extreme right” ?

Or, “We will not succeed in winning if we do not manage to unite”, write the signatories. “ There is no question here of union for union, of unity without principles around an orientation erasing diversity ”, more «The winch [leurs] struggles and coordinate [leurs] strategies ” to lead to “A common candidacy”.

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The tribune announces “A great meeting at the start of 2021” to promote the initiative. It is signed by several activists and members of Europe Écologie – Les Verts, La France insoumise, the Socialist Party, Generations or the PCF, who do not however represent, by their position or their number, the majority of their devices. respective.


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