President Zelensky Threatens Unpleasant Consequences for Kyiv Mayor over Closed Bomb Shelter Deaths

President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at unpleasant consequences for Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko if it is confirmed that people died in the capital because of a closed bomb shelter.

Source: Zelensky during a conversation with media representatives in Moldova

Details: Journalists asked the president who would be responsible if information about the death of three Kyivans from an enemy strike due to a closed shelter is confirmed.

Direct speech Zelensky: “Everyone will answer, the reaction will be firm … We have Russia, these enemies are few, we have, you see, also internal ones … I would say (who specifically will answer), (but) a lot of journalists, I would say, there is a word, spinning, but I can not … “

More details: After that, Zelensky seemed to complete the answer, and his press secretary began to announce the end of the press conference. And then suddenly the president turned to the journalist and added: “I would say this: Maybe a knockout”.

Updated: Later in their traditional evening video message Zelensky remembered this incident. He noted that it is the responsibility of local authorities to provide people with shelters. And if this duty is not fulfilled, law enforcement agencies should take care of them.

What came before:

  • Yaroslav, a resident of the capital, whose wife was killed during the Russian attack on June 1, said that people ran to the shelter at night, but no one opened it for them. In addition to Yaroslav’s wife, two more people died, including a child. According to “Suspilny”, all of them were heading to the shelter at that time.
  • In connection with these statements, the prosecutor’s office and the police came with searches to the Kyiv city administration.
  • Law enforcement officers also conducted searches in a medical institution, where a bomb shelter was closed during the alarm and shelling, as well as in the building of the Desnyanskaya Regional State Administration.
  • The police began criminal proceedings under the article “Official negligence, entailing grave consequences.”
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2023-06-01 17:23:02

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