President Roh Tae-moon “S Pen is a bold challenge… Will innovate more”

In-house interview according to the release of Gal S21
“To an expanding ecosystem without mobile boundaries”

-“We will open an ecosystem that extends beyond the boundaries of mobile to smart homes and connected cars.”

On the 17th, Noh Tae-moon, head of the wireless business division of Samsung Electronics (President, photo) made this announcement through the newsroom on the Samsung Electronics website. In this in-house interview, held in line with the release of the premium smartphone Galaxy S21, President Roh said, “The goal is to deliver meaningful mobile experiences and benefits,” when asked about Samsung Electronics’ mobile strategy this year. And video, etc. (consumers) provide a variety of options according to their style and needs.”

President Roh said that the’S Pen’ applied to the Galaxy S21 Ultra model was “a bold challenge” and said, “We will try to innovate our products by expanding the experience of the S Pen.” Samsung Electronics first applied the S Pen, the symbol of the Galaxy Note series, to this S21 Ultra model. Samsung Electronics has excluded wired earphones and chargers, which have been provided as standard, from the Galaxy S21. Regarding this, Samsung Electronics said, “With the Galaxy S21 as the starting point, we focused on the value of’removing’, and by removing the charger and earphones, we started to reduce weight.” [email protected]Go to reporter page>

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