President of the Federation of “Mental Health”: The need for the father and mother has decreased

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Dr. Nasser Loza, President of the World Federation for Mental Health, said that in every society there are people who suffer from disturbances and anxiety, and less people suffer from other diseases, but in family problems, adolescents and dealing with the elderly, there are differences between societies, Egypt is still a family interconnected society, this interdependence It gives support to the patient.

Loza added, during the “Al-Masry Effendi” program on the “Cairo and People” channel with the media, Muhammad Ali Khair: “The phenomenon of migration and travel appeared in the Egyptian society years ago, yet there is social and family bonding.”

Loza continued: “The culture of society at the beginning of the Corona crisis is the confinement of the patient, and at that time police cars drove behind for fear of infection, but this culture changed, and a state of acceptance occurred, but the disease and the virus in itself increases the possibility of psychological fatigue, since about 35 million have contracted the disease. But at the same time, the patient should not feel lonely, because there is communication with technology. The family must treat the patient well, courteously, and with psychological support.

And Loza added: “The stigma of mental illness is still present, and affects mental health services, despite support in the field of mental health, but there is still stigma in society.”

He said: “Some families are ashamed of going to a psychiatrist and are not ashamed of going to quacks. There are also some people who suffer from psychological problems if things or life changes happen, such as moving from one residence to another or promotion or changing the workplace, even if this change is Positive, but psychological flexibility must be ».

“The need for the father and the mother has declined, and maturity has become rapid in this generation, and the changes that have occurred in family conditions must be accepted, in line with the current changes,” he said.

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