President Joe Biden Trips at Air Force Academy Graduation, Confirmed Uninjured


President Joe Biden tripped over at the Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado. Joe Biden was confirmed not to be injured by the incident.

Reported AFP, Friday (2/6/2023), the unfortunate event occurred after Biden delivered a graduation speech to graduates of the military academy. Just as he shook hands with a cadet and started walking back to his seat, he fell over.

Air Force personnel who saw the incident helped Biden to stand up. Biden appears to need no further assistance.

As he got to his feet, Biden pointed to the object he had tripped over. It resembled a small black sandbag on a stage.

White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt tweeted shortly afterwards “he (Biden) is fine. There were sandbags on stage when he shook hands,”.

After stumbling, Biden suffered another bad luck. He hit his head as he exited the helicopter door.

He showed no signs of injury as he walked across the South Lawn and quipped to reporters that “I got sandbaged.”

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