President Gabriel Boric highlights Education initiatives in Public Account 2023

During this day, the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boricdelivered his second Public Account to inform the country about the administrative and political state of the nation. Opportunity to present the achievements of your Government and address the challenges facing Chile.

in matters of Educationthe president highlighted the National Reactivation Plan that seeks to reduce school absenteeism, strengthen learning and improve coexistence and mental health.

In this line, he addressed the campaign calling for 20,000 volunteer tutors, which seeks reinforce reading and writing skills throughout the country, and which to date already has 16,000 tutors registered and in the training process.

Public Account 2023: the main announcements of President Boric regarding Education

Regarding school absenteeism, the Head of State pointed out that during the first year of government, absenteeism was reduced by 13%, with the objective of halving the number of students who today have a serious level of absenteeism by 2025, seeking to achieve the pre-pandemic average attendance.

President Gabriel Boric stopped to talk about the historical debt with teachers generated during the dictatorship, and emphasized the failed tax reform.

“I must be very sincere and responsible: The State of Chile does not now have sufficient resources to take charge of all this reparation, and that is why we need tax reform. If this is approved, we will immediately present a project to fulfill this commitment. I invite this room to be part of this noble and necessary gesture of reparation,” he said.

Another debt that the president spoke about was the Credit with State Guarantee, a topic that was developed in his Public Account last year.

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“As a country we have another debt to settle: that of those who carry a heavy backpack for having accessed higher education. End the State Guaranteed Loan, establish a new financing system for those who do not have free access and alleviate the burden of educational debts that seem eternal, are commitments that we are going to address with conviction and dialogue”, he said.

“Last year I promised to submit a bill once the tax reform was approved and my commitment still stands“, he claimed.

Finally, the President referred to the emblematic high schools of Santiago, which have been characterized by a series of violent events in recent months. In this context, the president addressed the students of those establishments and invited dialogue and non-violence.

“I want to tell the students of these high schools that the doors of our Government, and in particular the Ministry of Education, are open to solve the problems that you have identified. With concrete commitments and deadlines, but without violence,” he said.

“I was a student leader, and I understand the frustration that unfulfilled promises for years can generate, but the Molotovs, the white overalls and the intimidation of those who think differently is not and will never be the way forward, quite the opposite. Let’s recover together, with all school communitiespublic education and Chile’s pride in it,” he concluded.

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