President Erdoğan instructed: Finish İşbank work within 10 days

Erdogan chaired by CEC meeting held the previous day in the bar of the election regulations, as well as CHP, Turkey İş BankThe issue of the transfer of shares in was also on the agenda. The teleconference method meeting was also attended by Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak and Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül.

According to the information obtained, Erdogan instructed the AK Party to complete the work within 10 days at the latest by conducting a four-arm study on the commission, constitution, international law, civil law and political parties legislation related to the shares of İşbank.

Do not delay too much

AK Party Vice Presidents Hayati Yazıcı and Nuretttin Canikli made a presentation on the subject, and it was decided to hold meetings in Parliament and AK Party this week. While President Erdoğan emphasized sensitivity on the issue, “Legislation is clear, it is clear how CHP manages the process. Do not delay too much. Work meticulously and explain this issue towards the citizen. Do not allow CHP to lead to misunderstandings on this matter. In Atatürk’s time, there was only one party and the party was the state. Atatürk is the ancestor of the entire nation and the property he owns is the property of the nation, it is not fair or justified that they are now a party among the parties. ”

According to the information obtained, the AK Party, the law passed by the Democratic Party in 1953 and transferring its entire legacy to the Treasury, despite Atatürk’s will, will be taken as an example.


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